Oct 11, 2012

Benjamin Hayte in BURBANK

For the animation week, November 14-18, 2012

See you there !

Sep 30, 2012

Mongolian dragons

Hello everyone. it's been a while since I've posted anything here. So it's time to add something new! So here are the first illustrations I realized for my own pleasure. This time we are in Mongolia. Project name "Mongolian Dragons".

May 9, 2012

Looking for a job !

Hello, everyone.

As I said in the title, I am looking for a job as a draftsman, illustrator, concept Artist, concept art movies, video games, illustrated books, comic books, video games etc. ...... ...

In any country in the world. If you are looking for a competant and imaginative designer. I'm your man!

Here is my email address: hayte.benjamin@sfr.fr



Mar 27, 2012

Artbook, collective of the best French digital artists 2012.

For the third time, My pictures will be part of CFSL artbook  (The collective of the best French digital artists.)
More informations here:


Feb 14, 2012

"Bed Bugs City." The short sequence

And here is a little surprise. A sequence completed in 18 working days. Made with photoshop and after effects. The character animation is a course outline. The rest is a little more finished.

This project is just an exercise. I am currently looking for training or a job in the industry of animation.

If you have a track for me, here is my email

updating my website online now!

Jan 4, 2012

Bed bugs (concepts arts for movie project)

Hi everyone!

 I always have these characters and scenes full head. But this time I wanted to put on stage in a story. And perform pre-production of a film (graphic research of characters, sets, story board, search moods and colors, final illustration of the film.)

 Here we go .....!

The story takes place in a huge city of bed bugs, located under the bed of a studious boy. This city is run by a king (not designer) and his two son, both engineers and mathematicians. Below (the first search. Will be updated later) these two insects have built an amazing city with its network of trams, lifts, cranes, mills, system of pulleys and gears driven by the balls rolling on rails .... etc.. Ingenious system they have learned through three science books lost under the bed (the first book, the great discoveries of Leonardo da Vinci, the second, the biography of Jules Verne and the third of the twentieth century universal exhibitions)

But the tranquility of the city will be completed after the arrival of a fourth book called "the magic of Mr Harry Houdini" Both the king's son can not translate this "new science called magic" and they do not realize that a strange magician, came out of nowhere to install his magic show in the theater of the city.

But it's too late because all the villagers want to see this incredible spectacle. Tickets are selling per hundred, and that every night. The magician is called woodinski, but no one really know. (Designated below) for fear that his people became crazy, but especially by lack of understanding, the king ordered the arrest of the show.

At this time, the magician going to show all its power going and generate a series of curses in the city. . .

Here are my first concepts:

The Bed Bugs City : 

 Both the king's son:

Woodinski, the strange magician :

 and the first story board of one of the plans of the film (showing Woodinski generating its first curse.)

................... To be continued ... coming soon others plans and more characters design ...... seee yaaaaaaaa ! ( I am in Australia ; ) )